Monday, July 30, 2007

freedom from industry 1910

Futurism was an Italian art movement that flourished from 1909 to about 1916. It was the first of many art movements that tried to break with the past in all areas of life. Futurism glorified the power, speed, and excitement that characterized the machine age. From the French cubist painters and multiple-exposure photography, the Futurists learned to break up realistic forms into multiple images and overlapping fragments of colour. By such means, they attempted to portray the energy and speed of modern life. In literature, Futurism demanded the abolition of traditional sentence structures and verse forms. Futurism was created by the poet Filippo Marinetti.

In 1909, Marinetti issued the first of many defiant proclamations published by the Futurists. “We will fight with all our might the fanatical, senseless and snobbish religion of the past, a religion encouraged by the vicious existence of museums. We rebel against that spineless worshiping of old canvases, old statues and old bric-a-brac, against everything which is filthy and worm-ridden and corroded by time. We consider the habitual contempt for everything which is young, new and burning with life to be unjust and even crimina”. Marinetti was soon joined by the painters Giacomo Balla, Carlo Carra, Luigi Russolo, and Gino Severini, and the painter and sculptor Umberto Boccioni. By 1916, Futurism had lost most of its vigor.

A small bit of information about a short but influential period in the history of design and the arts, going into detail about this subject would only give it more emphasis than is really needed, during this period so much was happening in the world, these were the times of the human, the teens if you will, when we were really discovering what we were capable of, and in a way we were teaching ourselves the habits that would one day be our downfall. No I am not prone to morbidity, I believe that these artists and designers, although they were probably all mad, were living the dream, expression, while all others were trying to lead and follow. Maybe it is just this that is our downfall and all that stems from it are just tools along the way, and maybe these movements never became because the minority of people living an answer were still just that, a minority. What has this to do with 1910, nothing accept the fact that It is nearly 100 years ago and nothing has changed, just evolved.

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