Thursday, June 21, 2007


The 90's was all about outrageous mixes of colour, punk-retro aesthetics, camp, and kitsch. concert posters of the 1990s became so wildly popular that they were said to have taken on a life of their own. Sometimes even outshining the rock bands they were created to promote. Not only are they collected today, but an annual two-day convention known as Flatstock now exists to celebrate the works of the leading artists and designers. Most of the designs from this time were exploding with color and bold graphics, this was an important movement in graphic design. designs of this era were all about the music! and how to portray its feel and the type of music.
posters of this time could also have been considerd as funny, but also crude and abnoxious at times. the picture i chose acknowledges this by the imagery of a bare bottom which is seen by all. The 90's was a good time for people to experiment with colour and tones and the designers of that age did just that!
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