Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Kim- Swatch Twin Phone

Swatch twin phone

The Swatch brand made a name for itself during the 1980s as an innovator in watch manufacturing, producing a very broad range of limited edition designs at an affordable price.
Building on this success, Swatch went on to produce a range of telephones which, have since become collectors items. The twin phone was a new inventi0on of the 80’s and was highly successful. Features of the phone include
• 2 People can talk on the same phone at the same time
• Tone/Pulse Switchable
• Mute key
• Ringer volume selector
• Name Dial
• 20 # Memory
• Last number redial
These phones came in a range of pastel candy colors as well as bright fluro colors and in a range of styles such as see through casing and a range of square shapes and rounded shapes. The popularity of these phones ended in about the early 90’s but recently have been coming back into fashion and a lot of collectors are trying to get there hands on them. They were recently shown in the show seventh heaven which has educated the younger generation in the phone.

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stacy said...

tch had to reinvent themselves with funky designs even though they had a good reputation in manufacturing. casio had entered the market with the digital