Tuesday, June 19, 2007

1980's - 1990's

Neville Brody

The British designer and art director, has now been at the forefront of graphic design for over two decades.

Initially working in record cover design, Brody made his name largely through his revolutionary work as Art Director for the Face magazine (1981 - 1986).

Other international magazine directions have included City Limits, Lei, Per Lui, Actuel and Arena, together with London's The Observer newspaper and magazine.

Brody has consistently pushed the boundaries of visual communication in all media through his experimental and challenging work, and continues to extend the visual languages we use through his exploratory creative expression.
Brody won much public acclaim through his highly innovative ideas on incorporating and combining typefaces into design. Later on he took this a step further and began designing his own typefaces, thus opening the way for the advent of digital type design. His pioneering spirit in the area of typography manifests itself today in such projects as FUSE, a regularly published collection of experimental typefaces and posters which challenges the boundaries between typography and graphic design.

In 1988 Brody published the first of his two monographs , which became the world's best selling graphic design book.
He still remains very active as a typographer, particularly as founder and partner of FontShop International in Berlin and FontWorks in London, initiator of FUSE, and as a member of FSI's international Type Board. His contributions to the world of graphic design and digital typography are absolutely invaluable.

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