Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Brittany > Polaroid SX - 70 CAMERA

Polaroid SX – 70

The Polaroid SX -70 was introduced in 1972.
It was the first motorized Polaroid camera as well as the first foldable SLR design.
It was also the first camera to use non-peel a part self-contained, self-developing film.

The most revolutionary feature of this camera was that it was a folding SLR.
The Polaroid Corporation discontinued the line of cameras despite them being very popular.
Collectors, Artists and Polaroid photographers still continue to use this camera today.

The SX – 70 has been known as an icon of industrial design (and of photography too).

The film that the SX – 70 had was easily manipulated once developed and artists were able to create surreal images, similar to impressionist art.



Jess said...

Those are some nice image youve got britt. Did you get them from tracy??

stacy said...

there was an australian photographer jon lewis who worked wet polariods with a toothbrush. pre photoshop fun!