Wednesday, June 13, 2007

lucy 20's

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In the 1920’s rich and diverse graphic art styles were influenced heavily by expressionism. Expressionism is the tendency of an artist or designer to distort reality for an emotional effect. It is subjective. Expressionism is exhibited in many art forms.
Most the works portrayed the feeling or emotion, as the designer would have wanted the audience to see and feel! In this particular design; I feel the designer has try to portray a complicated and busy emotion with many different aspect and obstacles trying to get out in to the smooth self passed background which is filled with space and simper shaded colour. The colours are all bright and contradicting of each other’s they all are directed to the middle. The sharp simple lines indicate strong feelings of busyness and clutter to portray a complicated busy style! These shapes and colours were used a lot during the 1920’s, as this style was very popular.

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stacy said...

expressionism was more of a fine art movement than a graphic. kandinsky was probably the most graphic of all participants with his teaching of analytical drawing at the bauhaus