Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Jess- Matthew Carter

Matthew Carter was born in Britain in 1937 he is a typeface designer. He currently lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the Untied States of America. His career om letter making has witnessed the transition from phusical metal to type design to digital type.

At the age of 19, Carter spent a year studying in Holland where he learned from Jan van Krimpen’s assistant Raedisch. Raedisch taught Carter the art of punch cutting at the Joh. Ensched√© type foundry. By 1961 Carter was able to use the skills he acquired to cut his own version of the semi-bold typeface Dante.

Carter eventually returned to London where he became a freelancer as well as the typographic consultant to Crosfield Electronics, distributors of Photon phototypesetting machines. Carter designed many typefaces for Mergenthaler Linotype as well. Under Linotype, Carter produced well known typefaces such as the 100-year replacement typeface for Bell Telephone Company.
Two years later, Carter moved to New York to work for Linotype, and for nearly two decades he helped build one of the industry’s largest and richest libraries of fonts

He has in recent years designed Verdana and Georgia for Microsoft; these fonts are tuned to be extremely legible even at very small sizes on the screen.


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