Wednesday, June 6, 2007

BranDON Sullivan Post 5: 1970's

Matthew Carter works in the idustry of typographic design, and type face design

Carter's career in letter making has witnessed the transition from physical metal type to digital type.
Matthew Carter is the son of Harry Carter, a printing historian to Oxford University Press. Being the sone of Harry Carter, Matthew was able to gain important insight about typography, especially the classical Roman letterform. In fact, many of Matthew’s typefaces are recreations of 16th century designs.
In 1981, Carter and his colleague Mike Parker created Bitstream Inc. This digital type foundry is currently one of the largest suppliers of type.

Matthew Carter focuses on improving many typefaces' readability. He designs specifically for Apple and Microsoft computers. Georgia and Verdana are two fonts that have been created primarily for viewing on computer monitors. Carter has designed type for magazines such as Time, The Washington Post, The New York Times, the Boston Globe, Wired, and Newsweek.

Matthew Carter has won numerous awards for his significant contributions to typography and design, including an honoris causa Doctorate of Humane Letters from the Art Institute of Boston, an AIGA medal in 1995, and the 2005 SOTA Typography Award. A retrospective of his work, "Typographically Speaking, The Art of Matthew Carter," was exhibited at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County in December 2002.


Jess said...

i wish u looked like that guy. so much hotter.
Matthew Carter is the bomb diggity!

stacy said...

even though jess thinks he's a hottie an image of his contribution to typography would have been more informative. dont forget to provide a link for further reading