Wednesday, June 13, 2007

lucy 1970

In the 70’s, recycling art was wide spread and very popular at this point in history and was called the ‘Art Nouveau’. Like many artistic movements, art nouveau was made from many different styles. There were common links but it is this uniqueness that epitomises the movement, its only one character being an aim to try to defy the established order of the fine and applied arts of the time. This "new art" was hated in Britain by the established contemporaries, the critics referring to it as "The Squirm".
During this time the designs and and artworks made were very intouch with nature and reflected some environmental issues. Commic art was also a very big and continuioulsy growing aspect of graphic design in the 1970’s. artists in these times used plane but bright colours and simple single line drawing with sharp and bold lines. The use of dark colurs and light/ bright colours contributed to how they portrayed th “good guys’ and the “ bad guys” hence the good guys being light and the bad guys being dark. As seen in this pic.


jo said...

Growing up in the 70's brings great memories of my old comics. Though my brother's were like the one you've shown, whilst I preferred Tweety & Sylvester and Road Runnner. I think the light and the dark not only show the characters in their good/bad form but it also gives balance within the frame and throughout the scripted strip. Many of the stories followed into having to save pocket money to buy the next issue so that the story could be finished and the profits were guaranteed to keep rolling as long as the readers kept reading.

stacy said...

a bit confusing art nouveau was much earlier see
i dont agree that recycling was wide spread. it was a fringe group addressing environmental issues. pop art was almost over by the early seventies but looked to the comic art for inspiration. i dont think has reputable info.