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Reseach and post blog about a graphic designer, movement, product or process active from 1900-1910.

Illustration in a movement which was dominant in th eary 1900s as people used it as a means of comunication to get a message across or to portray feelings or emotions when conveying a view.
Illustrationis a visualization such as drawing,painting,photographor other work of art that stressessubject more than form. The aim of an illuatration is to indicate or decorate a story, poem or piece of textual info such as newspaper article. Traditionally by providing a visual representation of something described in the text.

The earliest forms of illustration were prehistoric cave paintings. Before the invention of the printing press, illustrated manuscripts were hand illustrated.
In the early 19th century the proliferation of popuar journals, which often serialised novels for mass-engravers render artists, drawings, into polished blocks of fine grained box wood which could then be locked directly into the printing-chase with the metal type.
Well known figures from early 19th century are; john leech, goerge cruikshank, etc…

By lucy gooley

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