Wednesday, May 16, 2007

BranDON: 1940's-1950's graphic design

Graphic Designer (1920-1996

Saul Bass was not only one of the great graphic designers of the mid-20th century but the undisputed master of film title design thanks to his collaborations with Alfred Hitchcock, Otto Preminger and Martin Scorsese.

Even before he made his cinematic debut, Bass was a celebrated graphic designer.

One great achievement of his was the creation of the movie title ‘the man with the golden arm’, which is a movie about a drug addict played by alfred hitchcock.
the titles featured an animated black paper-cut-out of a heroin addict’s arm. Knowing that the arm was a powerful image of addiction, Bass had chosen it – rather than Frank Sinatra’s famous face - as the symbol of both the movie’s titles and its promotional poster.

After apprenticeships with Manhattan design firms, Bass worked as a freelance graphic designer

after freelancing, he opened his own studio in 1950 working mostly in advertising until Preminger invited him to design the poster for his 1954 movie, Carmen Jones.

Impressed by the result, Preminger asked Bass to create the film’s title sequence too.

doing work for the movie carmen jones gave Saul oportunities for another two titles, Robert Aldrich’s The Big Knife, and Billy Wilder’s The Seven Year Itch. But it was his project, The Man with the Golden Arm, which established Bass as the doyen of film title design.



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