Wednesday, May 16, 2007

paula: Chinese Graphic design 1920s-1930s

Due to political and environmental distance between the East & West, Chinese artists came late to the powerful movements of modern and decorative art, that animated Western Europe - For example Art Nouveau could be seen on the covers of Chinese books throughout the 1920s even though that style had already subsisded in Europe.

The influence even though it took a long time to arrive, was bought through books and journals from Europe and then slightly modified to characterise the solitude and self reflection of the chinese people.

The strongest chinese influence of the 20s was a Writer named Li Xun who was the first to introduce the lively Art Nouveau styles on his own book covers. He was very interested in Western Prints. He then encouraged other chinese artists and designers to use these styles for themselves saying that they could reinvigorate their own culural heritage by modernising their art whilst still portraying chinese themes.


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cathy_campbell said...

fascinating paula! i was aware that european art movements of the early to mid-century took inspiration from the east..but hadn't even thought about it cross polinating the other way...would love to study more asian art...would love to do more travel to asia too!