Wednesday, May 16, 2007

lucy: benetton response

the 1940s were seen as a tranistion period between the radical 1930s and the conservative 1950s. the first half of this decade was dominated by world war 2, the war which is said to be widest and most destructive armed confliced in human society. this war and its after math was so brutial that it laid the foundation for major world events and trends for decades to follow. during this constructing and deverstating time, relitively simple yet confronting images which uesed little colour were produced by graphic designers to potray strong messages aimed at the public to give a message. large centered images offten off head shots were used to porty the people , nurses and soldiaor as almighty. The backgrounds aroundthis tiome were quite simple using only one or two shades of coclour and bare with no images.
I got my image and info from this link.

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