Thursday, May 31, 2007

chris 1960s poster art

Bob Masse and John Van Hamersveld are two graphic artists who helped shape graphic design poster and record art throughout the 1960's. the works both of these men produced in the 1960s reflect the time and the experimentation in all forms that was a part of the 60's. both men worked extensivley on americas west coast, Los Angeles and SanFrancisco.

John Van Hamersveld started working graphically in and pioneered the visual experience of the surfing culture in the early 1960s, most famously producing the poster for the surf cult movie Endless Summer which is regarded as a watermark for the surfing industry. Van Hamersveld quickly became involved in the music scene where he produced record covers and posters that are iconic graphic images of the 1960s including work for Hendrix and The Beatles.

Bob Masse mainly produced record covers and concert posters throughout the 60's and worked with some of the biggest bands of the era, The Grateful Dead, The Doors,Cream and Jefferson Airplane and produced some of the most distinctive posters of the time. All masse's work is highly sought after by collectors.

Both artists helped define the graphic style of the 60's in different ways and with different styles. Bob Masse's work was heavily influenced by art nouveau which can be seen throughout his work but he adapted the style to the times with distinctive typography and imagery and the use of bright colours. Van Hamersveld took the use of bright colours to a new level as well along with print styles, illustration and type and showing great diversity in his work. both styles strongly represent the era and both artists would have been working in competition with one another but also influencing one another as well.

Bob Masse and John Van Hamersveld are both still working and their reputations have grown enormously since the 1960's. both are still using the styles that have made them famous and sought after artists.

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