Wednesday, May 16, 2007

CHRIS: movie posters of the 1950's

Movie posters have had a long history as advertisments for motion pictures and for many years were the only way for studios to promote a film. The 1950’s saw a change in what people wanted from the movie experience and a change in the styles and production and distribution of movie posters as well.

After World War II the public craved a different style of movie and the 1950’s presented the chance to explore new movie themes and also saw the the drive in reach the peak of its popularity. Many movies were directed for release at drive in’s - most notably in the B Grade science Fiction, Comedy and Horror genres, the new style of movies the public were looking for.

Movie posters changed as well, new techniques and new styles emerging in poster and graphic production gave the posters a distinctive look and they are in many ways iconic of the 1950’s. Characteristics of the posters include tinted photographs and bold colour images, large distinctive typefaces often created specifically for the movie, illustrations and adapted movie stills.
Science Fiction and Horror Movie posters of the 1950’s have given us memorable images of aliens, ufos and monsters while posters from other movie genres have given us classic images of the movie stars of the time.

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cathy_campbell said...

great topic...great pics! be good to design a retro movie poster, wouldn't it?! hhmmnnnn...