Wednesday, May 9, 2007


The period between 1900 and 1910 was the start of significant typeface developments.
Frederic W Goudy was one of americas most prolific type designers who began to become recognized for his work throughout this period.

Over his life Goudy designed 124 different typefaces.

Goudy was originally a bookeeper
He designed his first typeface in 1896.
In 1900 he took on a position of instructor of lettering and began his life as a type designer.
In 1903 Goudy and Colleague W.H.Ransom started Village Press and began publishing.
Career began to flourish and in 1908 he created his first significant typeface for the Lanston Monotype Machinery Co. It was called Goudy Light.
Goudy designed type styles and layouts for advertising throughout the period and provided type styles for publishing houses.
He drew his letters by hand.
Goudy concentrated on traditional Roman style typefaces and trying to perfect them.
Copperplate Gothic designed in 1901
Goudy designed CopperPlate in 1905.
Twice, Goudys publishing house burnt down, loosing dozens of typeface designs.
The Goudy typeface and its variations are considered his most significant and most popular typeface
Throughout this period, Morris Fuller Benton also created the typestyles Franklin Gothic in 1903, New Gothic in 1908 and Bodoni in 1909

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