Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fe: Otto Baumberger 20's

a. Wool and Silk Jacket,1923
b. Lithograph backed on linen

Born May 21 1889, Altstetten, Zurich, Switzerland.
Died Dec 26 1961, Weiningen, Switzerland.

For over 80 year, the Zurich clothing store PKZ commissioned the Swiss and German artists to design their advertisments. In the early years PKZ turned to sophisticated German artists or yound Swiss artists who had studied the art of poster-making in Germany. One of these young Swiss pioneers was Otto Baumberger, who studied in Munich before WW1 and created five masterpieces for PKZ.
In 1923 Otto had completed an object poster masterpiece for PKZ. The poster was a drawing of a life-size coat with wool fibers, silk lining and PKZ label so realistic that most viewers assumed it was a photograph. Aside from the label, the poster had no text.
Photo-Concours was Baumberger’s third classic for PKZ. It announced a photo contest for PKZ, which soliceted photographs of people wearing PKZ clothes and captions of no more than 40 words.
Baumberger’s poster captured the fun of this program, in a sophisticated and playful design that weaves the company’s logo, a camera and a mannequin. The printing for this poster was masterfully executed by J.E. wolfsenberger, considered by many as the finest printer in the world.

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