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jo: Graphic Designer 1920/30s

Piet Zwart

Piet Zwart, a Dutch designer was born in 1885. He took on many artistic career lines. Between 1919-1921 he worked for an architect firm in Hague, the Netherlands. He was also a photographer and experimented with photograms. Piet was also a member of the Avant Garde during the early part of the 1900s. In 1926, he was introduced to photomontage by artist/photographer and friend El Lissitzky.

Photomontage is when multiple photographs are cut out, pasted together sanded edges, then retouched before being re-photographed to create one image.

Piet worked as a typographical designer for the Nederlandse Kabelfabriek (Dutch Cable Company) and the PTT (Dutch Postal and Telephone Service) in Delft, Netherlands between 1923-1933. Piet’s recognizable trait was his use of primary colours, geometric shapes and repetitious word patterns. Influenced by constructivism, Dada and ‘De Stjil’, Piet continually pushed the boundaries of type. Many experimental works were done with Sans serifs types and different size and shaped lines, but it was his use of photomontage that gave his advertisements and postal stamps a whole new dimension. From 1928 he also worked as a frelance photographer/graphic designer.

In the ten years with the NKT, Piet created 275 designs for them.
In 1933 Piet resigned and concentrated on furniture, industrial and interior design. He was also a teacher and husband. Piet died in 1977.

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