Wednesday, May 16, 2007

paula :Paul Rand - Graphic Designer 1940-50s

During the 1940s an Amazing man entered the world of Graphic Design. His name was Paul Rand. He came along at a time when the world was looking for something different, after the end of The 2nd world war. He jumped on the opportunity to take Graphic Design in a new direction.

He originally came to prominance for using Colourful symbolism in his designs and moving away from the conventional use of text. He realised that symbols could communicate the message in a creative way. An ordinary message is rendered in an extraordinary way through the power of visual forms & symbols.

He eventually worked with many different graphic medias including Advertising, Book sleeves, childrens book, posters and typefaces, as well as writing his own book called THOUGHTS ON DESIGN with 100 of his own designs and some of the best words yet written on graphic design.

Paul rand is also famous for some of his corporate logos for huge companies such as IBM, WESTINGHOUSE and the ABC.

During these 2 decades Magazines TV and corporate branding became really popular medias giving birth to exciting platforms for colour and design.



Feona said...

good work Paula but where were u today?

stacy said...

great designer to be influenced by. good post